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In the late 90's, Nathanael F. (AKA Goshen Sai) found trip hop and techno - or rather, they found him. Devouring as much electronic music as possible, Nathanael began to produce and DJ under various aliases with frequent gigs around the southeastern United States, including the world famous Club LaVela during MTV's Spring Break. In 2004, after a few near death experiences, Nathanael decided to slow down his pace of life and focus on writing, singing, and music composition. Since then, he has re-emerged in the EDM scene as Goshen Sai - a mysterious name with deep meaning. Now, as host of a weekly, international live EDM radio show in Atlanta, and various collaborations and projects in the works, Goshen Sai continues to help build the world-wide EDM community in a meaningful way.

Matthew J Bentley (MJB)


Matthew J. Bentley (or MJB) fell in love with Trance music in the summer of 2006 during a tough time in his life. He especially liked how DJ mixes never stopped, and would purposefully listen to transitions. In 2008, he took his passion to the next level and began producing. A year later, he started DJing in order to bring his music to the world. He has been going strong ever since, with singles and albums out on multiple record labels, and has DJed in over 30 cities around the world. Melodies and energy are what MJB is all about, and he makes sure that every track he produces and every show he plays are filled with both, regardless of the genre being focused on. You can find out more about MJB on his website, or with his side project, More than Conquerors at



Tim’s love for electronic dance music gave birth to Sonar Zone began way back in 1994 when he became the very first signing to Evolution Gold Records, the ground-breaking label of DJ/producer Scott Brown. Evolution Gold Records released Adrenalin and Sonar Eclipse EP at the height of the Scottish ‘Rave’ scene, followed by an exclusive release of his track ‘Ballistic’ on the ‘Best of Evolution Gold’ compilation.
During his time with Evolution Gold Records, Tim enjoyed great success with his music being recognised and appreciated in the UK and the Netherlands with tracks being included on other European compilations. After taking a break from the music scene, Tim came back in 2010 with two releases on PWM Records: Restoration (July 2010) and Vortex (July 2010) Sonar Zone then signed to Fuzion Four Records in 2011 with a release called Creation EP. As well as producing some of the finest trance music on the scene, Tim has been playing guest DJ
mixes on some of the nation’s top radio shows. He’s been appearing on favorites like Club Educate with John Gibbons, Taster Radio with Orla Feeney and Beatz Radio. Most recently DJ Sonar Zone featured a guest slot on the TranceSound
Sessions show. Sonar Zone regularly plays at many big ticket events and is gaining international recognition!

Karl Forde


Karl Forde, producer of Electronic Dance Music currently has over 30 tracks and remixes released. His debut track, "Eternal Future" was released on October 16, 2007 with Deeplife Records, Followed by the release of the "Eternal Future Album" on Feburary 14, 2008. The album includes an exclusive remix of "You Were On His Mind" by Dj Ru from Aloft Studios, United Kingdom.

Karl Forde released a 4 track EP in October of 2008 entitled "Fallen Behind" and also released new tracks in late 2009 called "The Return", and "The Final Judgment". He worked on several projects in 2010, including remixing tracks from artists such as Dima, Steve Wade, Science Drop, Ampkontrol, D.Gital, Levi Whalen, and MrX. He released another track out on the late PWM Records called "Beyond Eternity".

2011 brings new and exciting things for Karl Forde, as he is working on  brand new tracks, remixes, and currently has 2 online radio mix shows. Karl Forde's Fusion 22 airs every Wednesday Nights from 9-11 PM EST on Gods Dj's Radio and every 2nd Saturday of the month, "Holy Vibes" 4-5 PM EST on God Radio Greece. Karl Forde released a brand new track 9/19/2011 called "In The End Of Times", and remixes of Levi Whalen-The Maker. In stores now. 2012 Karl Forde released his brand new tracks Walking By Faith and Karl Forde and Curcar White -Save Me. 2013 Brings Karl Forde & Matthew J Bentley-No Other Love and Karl Forde-Spiritual Warfare. Karl Forde is also Ceo/President of Deepsink Digital CEDM Record Label. Be on the look out for more from Dj/Producer Karl Forde in the near future. 


"I hate house music!" is what DJCROSSFX would say years ago when asked about club music.  But one day a little group called "Deee-Lite" hit the scene in the early 90's and changed all of that.  From there, he would find himself going to Tower Records looking for any remix of a "radio" song he could find, which led him to other forms of electronic dance music.  As years passed, House became his musical home.  From Techno-house to afro-house, DJCROSSFX had become a signed, sealed and delivered "househead4life."  Eventually, this would lead him to want to blend his own mixes.
Therefore, buying Virtual DJ-Home, he began creating his own mixes.  Always having a love of music, home-djing became an escape, a release of sorts to relax and go to another place in music.  The next step was to get a DJ Controller, which was an entirely different ballgame than just mixing on the computer screen with a mouse. 
He purchases his first DJ Controller, got used to the controls after messing up for about a week and then it was on to the races!
When it came to DJs and their mixes, one thing that bothered him was when a DJ blends two songs, but the transition is very short, although the crowd is loving the blend of the two songs...or at least he was.  "You get two slammin' beats then the DJ moves on...why?  Let it ride for a minute!  The crowd is jammin'".  This gave birth to him creating his own mixes with transitions he could control!
But apart from all that, DJCROSSFX's style is in the realm of the Soulful-Deep-Afro House sound, peppered with some Classic House from the 90's- his youthful club era.  Having experienced the club scenes of NYC, DC, MIA, ATL, LA, Newark and Oakland, his musical archives are sure to catch a groove from some native land.
"Unfortunately, we don't "go back" sometimes with the house crowd.  And when they do, they usually take it back to the 70's or early 80's.  What about those who were in the clubs in their 20's during the 1990s?  That was the time of some of the best mixes from huge remix artists such as MK, Masters At Work, Todd Terry, Steve Hurley, etc.   Celebrate that era!"

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